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Parading in the jungle

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Parading in the jungle Empty Parading in the jungle

Post  Betep on Fri Aug 20, 2010 5:53 am

Parading in the jungle
By Mary Ann Bragg
August 20, 2010

PROVINCETOWN — Even if you're not in the Carnival parade, you can't help but be part of it, whether you're squirted with water, hit with plastic beads or tickled with confetti.

Yesterday's 32nd annual Carnival parade was no different and perhaps even more tactile than usual given the "Jungle Fantasy" theme, with observers brushed by peacock feathers or bumped by a lemon tree or delayed by men delicately making their way down the street in gauzy zebra suits and high heels.

It was a crowded, hot and inspired afternoon on Commercial Street yesterday.
YAY! cheers "little girls and boys jumped up and down on the sidewalks trying to catch tossed toys and colored bead necklaces." Like me...
I'll post a photo or 2 after I sort through them. Quite a busy day. P-Town is ALWAYS a parade, just kinda-sorta organized this time. An hour late, but we're not looking for efficiency or coloring in the lines at an event like this. geek

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