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Salty’s Mermaid Sculpture Sparks Debate

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Salty’s Mermaid Sculpture Sparks Debate Empty Salty’s Mermaid Sculpture Sparks Debate

Post  Betep on Mon Jul 11, 2016 3:24 am

Salty’s Mermaid Sculpture Sparks Debate

Posed in front of Salty’s along Route 28 in Yarmouth is what many would consider no more than a typical Cape Cod mermaid. The sea lady is sculpted from sand, and is one of the many sculptures that are a part of the annual Yarmouth summer celebrations. The mermaid is posed with her lobster companion, both a reference to Salty’s logo. Though covered in sand sculpted seashells, the sculpture’s top half has sparked controversy. Some say that the full figured mermaid is offensive in an environment with children, while others are quick to point out that diversity in the typically narrow depiction of the female body is a good thing. Owner Ray Roy says he never intended nor expected the mermaid to be offensive, and that the restaurant has still had far more positive than negative feedback. Salty’s is open daily for both lunch and dinner until October, for those wishing to visit the curvaceous sculpture and try some of the restaurant’s menu.
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