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New road signs will identify Cape bike routes

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New road signs will identify Cape bike routes

Post  Betep on Fri Apr 05, 2013 11:19 am

New road signs will identify Cape bike routes

April 05, 2013

HYANNIS — Local officials have unveiled a new sign for bicycle routes across Cape Cod.

The green, metal road signs have a symbol for a bike, the words "Bike Route" and a map of the Cape. They are intended to be a consistent way to identify bike routes, according to local officials who showed them off Thursday at the Hyannis Transportation Center.

Three hundred will be installed on roadways across the Cape already marked on a transit map designed by the Cape Cod Commission for the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority.

The 300 signs cost $6,900, transit authority mobility manager Julie Quintero-Schulz said, adding that the total cost for the project, including installation of the signs, will be $41,602.

The goal is to have them installed by the summer, she said.

Halifax-based Liddell Brothers made the signs and will install them.


OK. Where's the map?
$138.67 per sign.

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