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Doggy-paddling policeman saves drowning dachshund

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Doggy-paddling policeman saves drowning dachshund Empty Doggy-paddling policeman saves drowning dachshund

Post  mermaid on Wed Apr 11, 2012 8:06 am

Doggy-paddling policeman saves drowning dachshund


April 10, 2012HYANNIS -- A panicked puppy in danger of drowning was saved Monday afternoon by a Barnstable police officer.

Patrolman Brendan Burchell responded to the scene outside the Cape Cod Mall to find a small crowd of six standing around Fresh Pond.

More Times Breaking News
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About a 100 feet offshore, a small dachshund puppy was struggling to stay afloat. The dog’s owner told the officer that the puppy had jumped a fence in her yard and somehow made it into the pond.

She added the puppy had been treading water for nearly a half hour. By the time Burchell arrived on scene, it had trouble keeping its head above the water. The patrolman was faced with a decision.

“The dog was going under. It’s that time. Either you do it or you don’t,” he said. “I locked up the cruiser and told dispatch, ‘I’m going in.’”

So he took off his boots and shirt, and dove in after the pup.

“I get out to the middle of this pond, and the dog is swimming away from me,” he said. “So I grab him, and he’s trying to bite me and then I put him up over my head and bring him back to shore.”
Upon the dachshund’s return to shore, the owner took the dog to the vet, where it made a full recovery.

“It was pretty cool. I was pumped to do it,” he said.

Amid his watery dash to rescue the dog, Burchell reported minor abrasions to his arm and forehead from the dog and debris in the water.

Upon his return to the station, a report states that he “decontaminated, changed uniforms and resumed patrol.”

“It was not the ideal time to go swimming in that pond,” he said. “It’s called Fresh Pond, but there was nothing fresh about it.”

Gooood police officer.. clap

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Doggy-paddling policeman saves drowning dachshund Empty Re: Doggy-paddling policeman saves drowning dachshund

Post  Betep on Fri Apr 13, 2012 6:14 am

"Doggy-Paddling" doesn't sound very professional.
It's like jumping into a sewer... :sicksailing:
Needs sharks,
and a Mermaid.

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