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Mannequin legs kick off playful neighborhood mystery

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Mannequin legs kick off playful neighborhood mystery

Post  mermaid on Tue Oct 04, 2011 4:40 am

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By Eric Williams

October 04, 2011EAST ORLEANS — The great mannequin mystery started out innocently: Lynn Ellison-Murphy and her family stuck a pair of male legs in their front yard in May of 2010.

The demi-dummy was plucked from a Dumpster by her art-student son.

"We thought we'd be edgy," Ellison-Murphy said. "We put on different outfits according to weather and seasons."

But right away, things kicked into a strange gear. "We started getting these postcards," Ellison-Murphy said. "Things like, 'I see you every day, will you go out with me' (and) 'nice buns' — it got a little risque."

The anonymous postcards, addressed to Mann E. Quin, kept coming. Then it got weirder. "After eight months, the postcard said, 'I have a surprise for you,' and hence she appeared — a second mannequin," Ellison-Murphy said.

Someone had planted a set of female legs right next to the male legs! A strange romance had begun.

And like all great love stories, this one is constantly evolving. When Ellison-Murphy changes the male mannequin's outfit, someone sneaks into her yard, usually at night, and updates the female mannequin — sometimes removing it for a day or two to complete the job.

One August night, Ellison-Murphy almost caught the mannequin gang red-legged during a costume change. She ended up chasing a man down the street who had the gams in his arms and was trailing a feather boa in tow. "Are you the mannequin man?" she hollered. But he got away.
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Looks kinda creepy to me... bounce

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Land shark shocks Orleans

Post  Betep on Sat Jul 14, 2012 11:23 am

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