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Chrismas Light Displays !!

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Chrismas Light Displays !!  Empty Chrismas Light Displays !!

Post  mermaid on Sun Dec 19, 2010 6:25 am

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Christmas light displays
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Adrian and Barbara Peters collaborated on the display on their front lawn at 33A Conwell St. in Provincetown. Adrian said he did most of the work over two days and his wife helped whenever their 9-month-old was napping. “I enjoy watching people stop and get out of their cars with their kids. As long as I can bring joy to people, I don't mind doing it. It makes me happy.”

Cape Cod Times/Christine HochkeppelBy ROBERT GOLD
December 19, 2010

They are the holiday megawatts. They illuminate their neighborhoods with glowing Santas, spiraling white lights and grandiose glitz galore. Friends, strangers and family members bank on the festive lights displays year after year. The homeowners pony up for electric bills that would leave any of us feeling like a Scrooge. The Times asked Cape residents why they light up their homes every holiday season. Here are some of their stories.

MARSTONS MILLS — Overnight, Bob Serino's yard is an obstacle course he wouldn't advise anyone try to traipse through. Metal and wood stakes dot the turf.

"Don't walk around the grass because you'll trip," Serino said.

But the toe stunners aren't meant to be a menace. Their true purpose is revealed every December evening, as they hold up hundreds of Christmas lights. And that's just the start at Serino's Marstons Mills home. The holiday lights line his family's oak trees, lilac bushes, front door and more. A 2-foot ribbon, giant wreaths and a saturation of white lights turn their yellow colonial house into a giant holiday gift for the neighborhood. At least 10,000 lights, not to mention about 2,500 icicle lights, at least double his December electric bill every year.

"My wife says it looks like an airway runway," Serino said.

He and his family will spend four or five hours every weekend getting ready. Every year, for the past quarter-century, he adds more and more illumination. But the home has maxed out so next year he plans on adding more electrical circuits. But with many people slowing down to check out the display and neighbors thanking his family, he's not going to stop.

"It's just a good feeling, putting people in a good mood," he said
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My my how pretty! Soon to covered in a toasty blanket of white stuff......!! rendeer

Dear Santa, I would like a plow for Christmas. I`ve been good this year. Really I have! You`ve been watching. I will leave you some parmesan bread sticks & a nice bottle of champagne for your trouble.
Thank you.

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Chrismas Light Displays !!  Empty Re: Chrismas Light Displays !!

Post  Betep on Sun Dec 19, 2010 12:26 pm

A plow for your cah?
Chrismas Light Displays !!  3926837345_bd2af9b1a1

A jet powered plow...
Chrismas Light Displays !!  Only-in-russia3

Vyeter, Vyeter, Vyeter, нет Бзтзп

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